The Voyage Of My Melancholia Poem by Enchanting Owl

The Voyage Of My Melancholia

Rating: 5.0

Sailing the sea of unknowns and dubiety,
Salt air and a vast blue sky are present, apex in their variety.
Uncertainty is my lover; depression is my son,
Born from fickleness, but loneliness is constant; it's where all began.

Seeing the new island from the horizon,
To open one's arms to the vagabond is a chance to become wizen.
As this vagabond turns into the anchor of my life,
It vanishes like a ghost in the full moon night while playing the fife.

What's left? To travel from island to island,
Meeting new people leaves a mark and scars like a million punches that land.
This is not new anymore; it's a nostalgic domain.
Hurting is now my habitual meal; pain is my constant sustain.

Never did I imagine that this could be my life,
Bathing in the pool of emotion, death by a million cuts from a knife.
The theater of soliloquy is now my comfort,
As this voyage reaches its end, I'll be living in the jilted fort.

As the sun rises from the east, so do I.
Feeling of pathos reaches me and fills me wholly; it covers my eyes.
As the sun sets to the west, the dawn of notion is nigh.
This life of mine is navigated by solitude; it's my last sigh.

This poem was written while I was at the beach. I was contemplating the journey I have been on while battling depression. Thinking about that, other people are having the same thoughts as me.
M H 20 August 2023

our journey may be long and challenging, please dont give up, thanks for this

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CJ DG 20 August 2023

wow, it strikes my heart, i love this

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Acir Eryat 20 August 2023

guard your heart always young poet, it was a nice poem

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Julrick Verallo 20 August 2023

what a powerful poem

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S December 20 August 2023

it is so enriching

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S S 20 August 2023

this is a poem to remember... thanks

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