The Wait Poem by Vinaya Joseph

The Wait

In the quiet of my room, I sit and wait,
Before the screen where dreams may shape their fate.
With every tick of time, my nerves take flight,
As heavy rains outside paint the night.

The drops cascade, a rhythmic symphony,
Matching the tempo of my anxious plea.
Each pitter-patter a whispered prayer,
Amidst the storm, I seek solace there.

The minutes stretch like endless strands of rain,
Each one a test of patience, a strain.
Yet in the lull, a calm begins to rise,
A quiet confidence amidst the sighs.

For like the storm that rages fierce and wild,
I'll face this challenge with a steady smile.
With every lightning flash, a spark of hope,
I'll navigate this interview, I'll cope.

So let the rain pour down, let thunder roar,
Within this moment, I'll find my core.
For in the midst of waiting, I find grace,
Embracing every challenge I must face.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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