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' The Wash Cycle... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

(This Is A Plea To All Beloved Humanity, To Stop & Think, Before It's Too Late... - A Parable Poem To Do Laundry By - (smile)

May Ocean Waves Be Raised, Like Lathes
To Wash This World’s Wicked Away
May Whirlpools Of Seas, Pull & Push Down
Like A Wash Cycle Set On: Drown

May The Four Winds, Whip Up & Roar
& Reach Everywhere Into Earth’s Core
And Rumble Above People’s Moans
As The Planet Shows, To Whom It Belongs

The Fury of The LORD’s Righteous Rage
Will Soon Fill-Up Front & Center Stage
They Will Pay The Price Of Sin’s Wage
Final Admission, To Watch GOD’s Great Day

As Volcano Floes, Vengeance-Flows
And Lava Rises To Their Nose
A Fiery-Scalding, Red-Hot Cauldron
In A Reap, What You Sow, Slow-Motion

Will Radiation, Powder-Burn The Flesh
Exposing Beneath, What Is Left?
All The Rust, That Agitates The Rest
Will Be Wrung Out, In Wrings Of Death

And Ice-Cold Blizzards, Will Bathe
As Avalanches, Rushes To Outweigh
All Glitz and Glittery Snowfall Graves
Over Whole Cities, In Frozen Caves

May Thunderclouds, Burst Forth & Pour
Giant Hailstones; Lightning Strikes Galore!
& MoonTides, Rinsed, Now Soaked In Blood
Shows Red Death, & Stench & Wormwood

Let X-Ray Sun, Eclipse In The Sky
But Drip Hot Suds, In Each Rotting Eye
For Blind Guides, They Swirled & Sought
In A Speed-Cycle, To Spun-Lies They Bought

The Advertisement – That Nothing Is Wrong
Their Own Brand Of Soap-Box Opera Song
They Created Their Own False-Filter Rituals
Still Drenched in the Muck of Waste-Residual

Their Own Lye, Will Dye Each Individual
Into Filmy, Faded, Foul-Smelling Material
Could Have Been Recycled In A Pure Reversal
But Ignored The Only Cleansing Agent’s Commercial

For The Filthy Stain-Marks Of 666
There Is No Era, Oxy Clean, Clorox, Nor Wisk
Only The Heavy-Duty, Washload Of Horrors
But For Us, There’s A Brighter Gain Tomorrow

And Society’s Fabric, Will Shout & Cheer!
This Is Where To Get Sanitized … Here!
And GOD, Will Wipe Every Cry-Tear Dry
In The Gentle Cycle Of Paradise

We … Will Be The Holy Adornment
Of Earth … After GOD, Has Foamed It …
Then, Believers, Will Bounce Back & Be
Downy Soft, Snuggle-Fresh … Wrinkle Free!

So … Let Mountains, Crumble Into Seas
As Tectonic Plates, Crash and Break Free
Let The Great Quake, Rip Earth Into
As The Wicked, At Last, Get Quarters Due

Walking In Grime-Garments, To Their Own Shame
They Kept Coins, Meant For Clothes Change
They Will Receive Many Things, I Can’t Name
When GOD’s Great Wash Day Has Came

& Landslides, Of Human Grit, Grudge & Gravel
No Land-Escapes, As Man’s Schemes Unravel
Unclean, Unclean … and Totally Trampled!
No Proctor & Gamble, Ground, Left To Battle

When Heaven, Hurls Flaming Meteors
Man’s Science Will See: Who’s Superior
And See, It Is No-Man-Made, Nuclear War
Always Been GOD’s Power … Near and Far

But No Clean Ones, Will Have To Worry
This Wash Cycle Only Floods The Bad To Bury
It Is A Prophesied-Timed-Released-Phase
GOD Is Sorting Earth’s Laundry, In Last Days

Ugly Sludge Rags-Left / Whites & Brights-Right; Save

Yes, Armageddon Will Take Many Days
But, Too Late, For Any Wicked To Pray
As All Unblessed, Unbalanced, Beg To Die
Unbelievers, Will At Last Know, Why

Yet, No Sheep-Fleece, Need Fear, Nor Fight
All Lamb’s Wool, Is Sanctified In His Sight
Safely Purified, In JAH’s Almighty Palm
When Jesus and The Wash Cycle Comes

On Clothes Line, Birds Of Heaven Will Feast
On Robes, Who Despised The Prince Of Peace
Who Didn’t Wash In The Blood Of The Lamb
But Stayed Dirty, In The Pile Of The Damned

Yes, The End-Washboard Will Rub Raw-Scrub
LORD, Save Us From That Last Washtub
Filled With Blisters, Blasphemy & Blood
Sinking On Bank Of Bottomless-Mud

Yes,7 Bowls Of Gold, Of GOD’s Anger Will Pour
Into The Washtub … (To Settle The Score)
A Task So Strong, Angels Must Do The Chore
The Stream Held Back, Won’t Be Held Anymore

Yes,7 Gold Bowls, Of GOD’s Anger Will Pour
Into The Washtub, On What The World Wore
They’ll Wash Away, The Harlot, Called Babylon
Then Drag Away In Chains, The Great Dragon

Yes, The Wash Cycle, Must Come, This We Know
It Must Run Its Course, In A Steady Flow
When GOD, Will Remove All Evil Machines
So, All Laundry Can Remain, Sparkling-Clean

* * (This Textile Told-It
Because She Was Forgiven & Folded)

Written & ©: 5/10/10

By: The MoonBee

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