ritwika raha

The Water Princess - Poem by ritwika raha

The retiring sky in its golden attire
Merged with the vast sapphire,
The faded lines of the blurred horizon
Burnt in a distant saffron pyre

Sprang from within the hollowed depths
A damsel clad in watery brine,
Her darkened black rolling mane
Basked in the fiery Sun shine

She tossed and rocked in the playful waves
As the water trickled down,
The beach man stood smitten, amazed
As she strolled in her watery gown

She clasped his hands in tender hers
And pulled him closer and tight,
The man still stood in horrid silence
Astounded, yet in delight!

She coyed him with her beauty and youth
And with her gluttonous phrase
The setting Sun exuded fiery colors
Like the sweltering hot-magma blaze

He played, he sang, he frolicked about
In her blissful camaraderie,
Love and lust all entangled and tied
A sudden bliss, an episode, a dream, all eerie! !

Yet the desire to play in the hands of love
Rose in him the more,
He chased her and called aloud
As she ran in a flash, away from the shore.

He hunted for her into the lurching foams
To a yonder point into the sea
She looked back at him, grinning and smiling
With an uncanny mystery…

He baffled and fought with the waves colossus,
Of salt and treacherous water,
A desire to possess the water princess
Pulled him still farther

He urged to save, to capture her
But she capriciously fled
But who could defeat a man's will
His valor gallantly replayed

He caught her by those slender arms
In which he nestled hours ago
She shrieked and laughed in violent laughter
Amidst the rebellious watery bellows.

She garlanded her hands round his waist
And clang to him like a child
"Deep down we shall go to the briny depths
And sleep in the water wild! ! "

He pushed her with his sinewy arms
But her hold was too strong,
The water princess had preyed again,
After ages so long! !

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 24, 2013

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