The Weary Lake Poem by Marilee Morley

The Weary Lake

The lake is dark
With bits of bark
The branches lay
As I cry

I clinch on
To realize I’m gone
I’m in a dream
Floating down stream

I lay on the log cold
And I realize I’m really bold
But what if I drown
Will I go down

Will I be able to see
What about being free
I don’t know what to do
What else do I hang on to

What will I be
To realize it’s me
I’m at the lake
All of a sudden the branch’s break

I’m passing by
Thinking I’m going to die
While I’m floating on water
I’m thinking this is a bother

All of a sudden
My throat is flood-en
I see more
I’m starting to get a bore

I’m thinking the stream
Is a dream
I close my eyes
To realize

That I bend
When the stream ends
I get out
To wonder about

I’m in the forest
To meet a guy named borest
He is very kind
Hat I find

He is really fine
And I want him to be mine
He shows me a way
As he may

I’m out of the forest
I say thanks borest
As I say
I’m on my way

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