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The Whole Body Orgasm-Part Five - Poem by Lonnie Hicks

5-22-11 What We Learn Here About Love
Now before we plunge on here lets stop for a moment and digest what we can learn here about the nature of love.

We can go back to body techniques in the next chapter but we should also have an intellectual understanding of how sexual feelings and love are related.

First love comes second in this theory of relating because body reactions, sight, sound, smell, feelings, generally comes first. We most times fall in love overtime but react to individuals instantly with our senses.

Now if the body has blocks this in effect blocks feelings and therefore love is difficult. We think and feel in our bodies. What else is there? So the body is the temple of the soul and the carrier of all things love related.

Now if for some reason I have shut down certain feelings in my body, in my genitals, most people would not even know they were doing it. For a non-sexual example, if you squint all the time and have been squinting all your life, you would not be aware of the squinting and even if you did you wouldn't necessarily know how to stop it.

I had a habit of clinching my teeth, and my dentist at age twenty-five told me I had the strongest jaw muscles of any patient he had ever seen. He had trouble getting to my wisdom teeth.

I went away wondering what those tight jaws were all about. Two days later I had a day time memory hit me in the face. It was a memory of someone I had not thought about for years. But the point here is that the memory of the person made me remember a specific nasty incident connected with that individual which made me remember that I had reacted to the incident by tightening my jaws. And, I had kept the habit all my life, in this case as a protective reaction-one which has 'congealed' in the very muscles of my jaw.

And now the good part. As I pondered the memory and the nasty incident I did not clamp down, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and broke through the memory, the fear, and the muscles, all at the same time.

Instantly I felt those tight jaw muscles loosen up for the first time in years. I was 25 at the time and now tuned into my body and started to pay attention what my body tensions were telling me.

Now imagine those tensions are in the eyes, the shoulders, the back, in and around you know where, in the diaphragm etc. So I like inspector Clousseu decided to investigate each area of my body and worked on waking it up and more importantly trying to stop the sources and the habit which daily keep those tense areas tense. Ok, sorry for the digression but I thought this might be helpful for some.
Every one must do a daily body tension inventory and a breathing inventory-sort of like an tune-up.

But the point of this little rant is that for love to happen and succeed the body must be ready too.

And the second corollary: to shut down the body is to shut down the possiblities of love.

And third a shut down body makes it very difficult for love to get in or be acknowledged in the body because for love to be received, we must un-loosen those muscles which encase it and let out those old memories, fears and troubles.

And some of us don't want to do that, because of the pain associated with it.

But we must in order to completely love anything, any body, or even our selves.

This stuff is designed to help those who at least want to try. For many this will work but for others, there are other things they might try.

Nothing is guaranteed in life.

I had one lady say to me 'I started this and it was working with me but I didn't want it to work with 'Him! '

Well, she had a point.

But note that if a person is angry at their partner that anger will show up in the body, not just in the emotions and therefore, cause sexual issues as well. Chronic anger manifests itself in the body tissues as well.

More tommorow-Lets Play Around the World in the Human Body.

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