Andrew Stergiou

Soviet Republic of Brooklyn
Andrew Stergiou
Soviet Republic of Brooklyn

The Wisdom Of Finding Love

One does not need to search to find enemies, ‎
for enemies are always found, ‎
so throughout history, ‎
the wise never search for enemies, ‎
or hate as causes, ‎
in animosity which births enemies, ‎
in virgins bosoms, ‎
calling out for what they never knew, ‎
for the kindest, wisest and gentlest, ‎
all have enemies, as fools, ogres and knaves, ‎
as hot and cold days of summer and winter contend, ‎
also do many friends, as Brutus and Caesar, ‎
whom are seen as they wish, and not as they are.‎


Where one does not find friends, for friends do not grow on trees, ‎
as friends are made as the sleet and rain, the snow and hail, ‎
in kinsmen where commonality is found, ‎
as evil words do no harm as weapons on the waist are worn, ‎
that deposed at will are those that can do no harm, ‎
relentless as the winds they are driven on, ‎
in the pain of suffering, the honey of joys, ‎
for which we beseech thee


Those who search for love can not find it, ‎
for love is never found though often it is lost, ‎
as love can not be found as it has been lost, ‎
hidden as it maybe in plain sight, ‎
from that which gives it flight, ‎
in wishes as horses which beggars ride, ‎

in what can not be found as enemies, ‎
nor that which is made as friends, ‎
love is not what is found, ‎
in all our insistences, ‎
it grows from the seeds sown by friends, ‎
cast aside by enemies, ‎

enemies who they themselves were cast aside, ‎
to be found and made as friends, again, ‎
who grow to love what can not be found nor reasoned, ‎
nurtured not is not found in sexual temptations, ‎
nor employed and paid as harlots by wealth and riches, ‎
nor spoken to in sophistry and deceptions, in tricks, ‎

where in consistent compassions, compassion is found, ‎
in hard words, are soft tones, of quiet moments, ‎
resting the world finds love though it recognizes it or not, ‎
for that is the wisdom of love in that it resists being found, ‎
so it lives where you may not destroy it, ‎
where those who need it are found.‎
Thursday, May 16, 2013
I feel often a close relationship to the Tao.

Doing without doing, speaking without speaking, being without being, knowing without knowing, for though I am me, I am not the eternal me,
just as the the Tao which can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao.

Ever changing I come and go and say hello good bye with best wishes if possible.

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