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The Wolf And The Lamb In 2012 - Poem by Sibghatullah Khan

'Dear Lamb, I'm so sorry for my great grandfather
who, in a rush of some indiscreet passion,
killed yours on the bank of this beautiful stream,
In cold blood—rather unbecoming fashion.
I belong to these times; I think on modern lines
Hope you'll forgive our ancesters' crimes.
Don't think that I'm here for a drink, dear
I'm not here for that; I don't drink from here.
Dear Lamb, how can you drink impurities
and draw breath in this choking air?
You are not dirtying water, I'm sure;
nor you wish to fill your space with filth;
but lemme tell you, this water is not pure.
It's your neighbour who makes it tough for you.
I can lend a hand and, perhaps, do the due.
Keep your water clean and him behind the fence.
If you do it beforehand, it's no offence.
They are your ilk, I know, but we are born free
and no one, in these times of Rights and Justice
has the licence to poach around and spOil
the sOil in the name of hunting out their Game.
There's always a way-out; all things need a time frame.
To break a deadlock, you just need tables and chairs
and, of course, some of those Lambs willing to share
their views and blues. But if you always take to prayer
and not do the due, I shall probably withdraw,
But in that case, how shall the ice thaw?
Like last time, I may send you a bux-box
that has the keys to open most of the locks.
I may send my experts to do it for you.
They'd stay in your herd like lambs and take care of you.'

'Honorable Wolf, it's awfully nice of you!
You are not like your angry greatgrands
At least you measure first how everthing stands.
How kind that you think of us, the Lambs!
In most of the things you say you are right;
and it's good that you're not for ‘might is right.'
If those across the line had ever used their mind
it would have been easier for all of us to find
a common reason to live for, a cause to sacrifice for.
We could go by some rules and not be a herd,
we could be the First or Second, not the Third.
But it's kind of you to think about us
and tell us the ways how to tide over the fuss.
We indeed like the way you walk and talk;
we copy your howls to be like your stock.
But whatever we do, we can never growl like you;
we are still that bleating lot, and we've only few
who have the art to look like you.
The bux-box you sent last time just fell short
of opening all locks. We need one more, as you thought.'

'Sir, I've to get back; you might have heard the cries;
they have no peace, their wailing fills the skies.
Please sir, send your experts to do it once again
I mean for water and air, and for him to restrain
Give us some peace; you've got the recipe;
if you deem it fit, we may live happily.'

Dear Lamb, we'll do it for you, as you wish;
but as you know, we Wolves don't eat fish.
If you don't mind, give us a few useless Lambs;
we'll bless your lands, and we'll fill your hands.
You would be able to visit us at will and be back
In fact, you'll be part of us, our powerful Pack.


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