Matthew Roeser

The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Poem by Matthew Roeser

The first time I laid eyes on you I knew
I knew from the way you moved your jaw
The way you looked around and lifted your arms
The way your shoulders slumped because of
What they  did to you
I didn't even know who they were
Or your name 

But I saw you 
You were blue and brown and gray 
And white
all struggle and squishy
You drew great breaths though 
Huge inhalations that sucked in
Everything around you 
Then you exhaled them all 

But not me 
Because I saw you
And I came with a secret
I whispered it to you 
And you froze 
You looked at me and asked 
'You can see me? '

YES, I sang 
And then you slid away
But I followed and drew you pictures
I wrote great big swooping letters in the sky
That only you could see. 
I wore bright colors that only you could hear
I danced just for you
And it worked

You lifted up rising
Rising you swam
Swimming you shook 
And then you drew a breath 
Slow and deliberate 
The first one
You took it all in
I watched

You rose higher and higher
I sang out to you 
Don't forget me 
But you were already gone 
I sat for a long time puzzled
Then a distant spot appeared
It grew bigger and bigger
Until I saw it was you

You had wings
You were tall and brilliant white and gold 
You laughed and the heavens shook
You smiled and hearts gathered 
You touched and the world held its breath
At last you are here

I am he, I said 
I know who you are, you replied
Then you bent down and whispered 
Your secret
And lifting up I grew 
With outstretched wings
I Too rose up and springing 
Into the wind 
The earth drew away 
And nightfall faded   

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