MoonBee Canady

' The Words Of God... ' - Poem by MoonBee Canady

(2 Tim.3: 16 / John 8: 32 / John 17: 17 / John 1: 1 / Matt.4: 4 / Matt.13: 10–15)

Hearing The Word of GOD
… is Like Music To My Ears …
A Soft Symphony of Sense
Orchestrates Sacred Cheers

Listening To Words of GOD
… is Like Watching Water Glisten
Reflecting GOD’s Glorious Wisdom
in Psalms Lake’s Bright-Prism
it Whispers Sparkle-Speech … Just Listen!

Powerful Word of GOD
HE … Is The Ultimate Word-Warrior
… in The Beginning Was The Word (Starter)
(John 1: 1 / John 1: 14,18)
Thru Whom, GOD Spake & Marched All Orders
(This Word of GOD … is Miracle Mortar)
(Col.1: 15,16,19,20)

Beauteous Word of GOD
No Other Words Spoken
Could Match The Peerless Sound
of Purest Sign-Language Token

The Source of The Word of GOD
… is Like A Bubbling Fountain
and A Wellspring’s Surging Welcome
and Waterfalls Flowing From Mountains
(John 4: 14 / Rev.22: 1,17)

The Truth of The Word of GOD
… is Like An Endless-Insight Cavern
With Deep Echoes & Well-Lit Lanterns
Revealing Secret In Stone-Script Patterns …
(John 17: 17)

The Written Word of GOD …
It Wields The Will So Wondrous
in Mighty Messages Thunderous
yet – A Love Letter Sent To Each of Us

Heralds of The Word of GOD
These Evangels & Holy Angels Spoke
Under Holy Spirit It Was Wrote
(2 Peter 1: 20,21)
Yet, The Wicked Doesn’t Take Note
(Lu.17: 26-30 / Matt.24: 38,39)

The Voice of The Word of GOD
Is Of Such Vocal Visionary-Value
& An Extraordinaire Volume Milieu
In What It Shows & Tells Me & You

The Wealth of The Word of GOD
So Much Richness – There Is Treasure
It Holds A Means of Living – Leisure
& Merchant’s Wares Without Measure

Knowledge of The Word of GOD
Teaches Lessons & Meditations
Tools of Reason & Time-Translations
& Tutor of Intelligent Information
(Prov.1: 7 / John 17: 3 / Isa.11: 9)
It Is The Mystery–Manifestation

We Must Attend A Celestial-College
To Learn Master’s Degree of Knowledge
Tuition Fee Is: Remove Grade-Blockage
& Pay Words of GOD High Homage

The Discipline of The Word of GOD
… Nothing Escapes, No One … None
… It Is Like Laws of Gravity Spun
& Consuming Strength of Star-Suns

Generous Words of GOD
Upon The Tongue So Sweet
A Salubrious, Sumptuous Lip Feast
and Taste Absorbs In Belly – Complete
(Psalms 34: 8)

I Love The Words of GOD …
The Prophecies, The Promise …
The Commandments & HIS Motives …
The Loving-Favors Noticed
& Righteous Poetic-Justice
from The Absolute Sovereign’s Office

So Let Bells Chime & Trumpets Blare
Let GOD’s Word Be Heard – Everywhere
Down Here Below & Way Up There! …
All GOD’s Creatures Should Speak Praise & Prayers

I Heard The Word of GOD
Hallelujah – Blessings Be!
And I Want To Hear The Words of GOD
Forever Eternally …

… and GOD said, “Let There Be Light …”
(Gen.1: 3)

Written & ©: 12/5/2011

By: The MoonBee

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