The World Awaits Poem by vern eaker

The World Awaits

Rating: 5.0

The world awaits me once again
Calling me to places I’ve never been

Searching and seeking things unknown
I set out to find answers traveling alone

Wandering freely no schedule or destination
Hoping for clearer thought from contemplation

Or if it there perhaps some divine intervention
Some soul searching to reveal my life’s mission

Removing myself from comfort with a defiance
Insistent I require myself to be more self reliant

Loose in the world to fend for myself
Stepping away from all those to eager to help

Once again pushing myself to persevere
In a distant city far away from here

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of its own
I shall take flight from wherever I roam

Sprouting new wings with which to soar
Stronger faster higher than ever before

Of course there is a price for leaving this home
Until further notice this is my last poem

Tai Chi Italy 08 March 2009

What a fine and liberating poem this is...enjoy your travels, yes the world awaits and I hope to reap some reward in reading all about your journey, in fine poetic deed. Smiling at you, A home bird right now but with wings soon to fly again, tAi

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wishing you all the best.......

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