Adeosun Olamide

The Wraith Out In The Sun - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

I lingered by
As you burnt my clothes
And not a letter spared
Caught glimpse tears
As pictures mine in ashes melt
I reached
As you destroyed memories of me-

I sat on the stair
As you removed our portrait
And followed outhouse where locked it-
I bothered then
As you locked Rahi in rain-
And wondered
How the poor cat hurt you so-
These be all that reminded of me
You threw to dark

Mattered little all it yet
For my ring knew still your fingers
And my baby thrived in-
They were enough for-
And old sweater mine you kept
You wore still
And sang- that- I taught you
As I sang along

You wept now
As you slept-
It was your first night
There- without me

The night slowly went
As you turned about- uncomfortably
And it did end- even without sun

I waved by the curtains
As you drove off- the morning
A rose in your hand
And each day that passed
I did-
As you went the garden of remembrance

A soon, you began home late
Tired-drunk sometimes-
You'll fall straight in bed-
Other times
You listen the phone
To smile all nights-
As I wait there, by

You came home infrequent now-
And walked strangely too
Your tummy bothered not- as use
It be five months already
I been waiting
To see my baby shape-
I felt especially concerned
As months passed
And it remained yet so-

Now, arriving home late wasn’t usual
As you stopped coming- the while

I wandered out- oft now too
To see where cats caught lizards
To place where we first met
To places that we went-
And usually- I’d walk our tryst-

You go there still- sitting alone
By the windows-
Watching the cars pass-
But it short-lived- this
For here a he came
From the rain-
I’d watch him feed you
With food and spit
I followed-
Where he took you dance-
I watched on
As you gradually forgot me-

He’d put hands your neck
And drive past our home-
I stayed out there- with unfed Rabi
Expecting your return-
Too oft- let down

I knew-
Where see you
I’d run there
And watch only
How you say
Words you told me
How you gave smile
You once gave-
It bothered now-
-Your fingers
My rings weren’t there

This he- held your hands
He knelt-
And put a ring
In your finger-
You cried
And only nodded
As did me-

The night-
You came home
Fed Rabi-
And cried half the night
I sought soothe you-
As you held my ring your gaze-

You are married now-
Happily not- I supposed
Until- I saw you in the park
Walking hand in hands with him
You sat on the swing
Dressed in beauty
And smile to him
As he took you to and fro
It leapt my heart
That he loved Rabi as I loved her
And loved you more- as I loved thee
That I could rest now- beloved belo-ved

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