Adeosun Olamide

The Writings In Mums Dark Room - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

I walk silently into my dark
Shutting doors-
From choruses that roars,
The sirens blaring on-
I walk from-
To this deep, a silence, a peace
That harbors from reasoning
And masks me from the emotions
My dark-
A proof to thorns that drills fears
A shield from spikes hungry for my soul-
But now I bleed in my dark-
And where, where the wound
The part that betrays me- where?
I feel, a company is here, I grasp its touch-
Ghost or memories- listen to it ripping-
I find, tis my heart- that bear the bruises
See it bleed from my eyes in tears form-
This dark always has been my harborer
And now it fails me-
Render me mopper- my bruises
Hinging to nothingness, grasping fire
To spur smoke- ghosts- fears,
Smoke that devours memories
But this dark invaded- coldly still
And the invader provides more
A pen, a lamp, a betrayal, a cuff, a death-
Should flee, must run- my heart dost plead
But my pride holds- to put the pen its work-
To record or to stab-as the invader seeks
To bear it venom-
And show- I have over all fears come-
But I shall run- from here to here
To he who promises me death-
To him I would go-
For much I know of him
Even in his death-
That he fulfils not- a promise-
From ever loving me that once swore
To long being disgusted by my presence
That will be treated queen, a princess
Yet slave- to his passions, emotions- I ragged
Or soft palm that promised caress not hit-
But the fist swells since my cheeks-
So this one- his ghost promises now-
Shall like others be futile
That he shall kill me- burn me-
All are sparkles a fleeting emotion
-Made only for the moment
And shall like others- be futile, quenched
To him I would go-
I walk silently from my dark stronger
Opening the doors-
To the storms that awaits
To answer for the death of a man
My husband- who they say loved me dearly-
My husband- whose ghost whispers here
I walk silently from my dark-
To be with invader- my dark
Knowing he keeps not his promises
Knowing I shall not die in death-
Nor be killed as he solemn vows

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 18, 2015

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