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Then Comes The Chill - Poem by Leria Hawkins

Then Comes The Chill
Date: May 25,2012

When you write my eulogy
As I know you will…
As is inevitable and the one sure thing
That grows like grass between us

Do so gently, love, do so gently…

When at last, you blow out the candles
Snuffing the flames that burn
Hold tight, the heat of our affinity

And as the last ember stutters to silence
Releasing in death its final breath
Make peace with the slow hard chill of our demise

Bury deep, my love…once and for all
The treasure trove of secrets
Leave only ash behind as a legacy
A sooty reminder, of a fire that blazed
Then dwindled in the arms of disparity

Love it seems, both master and slave
Was vainly manipulated by the same hand
And our passion…a storybook romance
That, while intriguing, was fleet of foot
And destined to stumble and fall

But in those waning seasons
I danced with all my heart for you
Breathless and hopeful in my desires
And I pirouetted in a waltz of midnight whispers
Only to lay down cold and raw in my sorrow

And I sang my best for you, sweet flame
Flinging hearts and flowers, across the lines
Trying to bridge the gap between your fields and mine

I gushed my fancies, and stood naked in my confessions
I fed my soul to the whirl of a roulette wheel
All for a chance to frolic in your sight

I waited, fevered with need…mad in my hunger
My heart flaming for you
But you turned away, refusing to hear
Unwilling to know me…afraid of what you might see
And sadly…more afraid, of what you might feel

So swallow soft my sighs, my sweet
So that they may live forever
In that darkened place of doomed desires

Remember my love, only what is true
What is real…what is solid
And let go…what is not

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Copyright © 2012 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

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