Then I Will Have You Poem by Tracee Olga

Then I Will Have You

The first time I saw you, I saw light
The first time I looked at you, I felt bright
The first time I stared at you, it felt right
Then I studied you and I understood
I saw your beauty and charisma and confidence
Graceful in all ways poise attire and all
The first time you looked my way I shy away
The first time our eyes met my heart melt
The first smile you responded not
My heart shrunk in a knot
Then eventually you smiled
I smiled back and you held it
It felt like forever
That night I dreamt of you
In purple and gold and silver too
A queen to behold
The first time you said-hi
My mouth went dry
The first time our hands touched
My ego submissively crouched
Then the first hug
My heart my very being along you tug
The first kiss
My world disappeared
For the first time I realised
There is never an I in selfless
I was replaced by us
When you said yes
My heart did a dance
And when you say I do today
Without delay loneliness will decay
Then I will have you
To love, to have and to hold
Till death do us part!

Thursday, June 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: wedding
Tracee Olga

Tracee Olga

Nairobi, Kenya
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