Morgane A Heyne

Theory Of Snow - Poem by Morgane A Heyne

When it snows everything changes. What was black becomes white; everything is numb; what was loud is now still. The bothersome rain turns into a billion, minute and perfect crystals. These crystals cannot coexist with our kind. If you touch them, they disappear. The coldest, whitest places of the globe are also the places where human settlements are the most scarce. I wonder, do we not live there because there is snow, or is there snow because we don't taint the pureness of this meteorological phenomenon with our presence?

Snow creates a feeling of exhilaration in our species. It symbolises a new start, a chance for an unworn experience. People who dislike snow justify their aversion by claiming that it will damage their appearance, or by expressing a disgust for the coldness and wetness that goes hand in hand with the ivory particles. In my opinion, the source of this distaste lies much deeper than the mundane preoccupation of looks and comfort. In the same way that it produces instant bliss for most, it also creates fear and unease for some.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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