There Are Not Many Kingdoms Left Poem by Kenneth Patchen

There Are Not Many Kingdoms Left

Rating: 2.7

I write the lips of the moon upon her shoulders. In a
temple of silvery farawayness I guard her to rest.

For her bed I write a stillness over all the swans of the
world. With the morning breath of the snow leopard I
cover her against any hurt.

Using the pen of rivers and mountaintops I store her
pillow with singing.

Upon her hair I write the looking of the heavens at
early morning.

-- Away from this kingdom, from this last undefiled
place, I would keep our governments, our civilization, and
all other spirit-forsaken and corrupt institutions.

O cold beautiful blossoms of the moon moving upon
her shoulders . . . the lips of the moon moving there . . .
where the touch of any other lips would be a profanation.

Ray Burleigh 26 October 2020

A poet of unusual originality and strength. A voice like no other. Most important, a man from among all of us. A lover of mankind who is also deeply rooted in labor.

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Sue Ann Simar 30 August 2009

I also love the collaborations that Patchen did with himself producing artwork/visual poems.

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