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Tick-tick-tick the clock moves
Sixty times and it’s a minute
A little while and it’s another hour
And soon dusk approaches

I know of a world so interesting
It’s the world of the teens
A world with much splendor
Characterized by risky adventures


He is here, there, everywhere;
He was then, now, everytime;
He knows this, that, everything;
and He owns you, me, everyone.

Whenever I walk down the streets
I see a scene that I will never like
People lined up like cars in a fleet
Male, female, young and old alike

To a brother like no other
A friend come winter or summer
My model of so much virtues
Whose charisma stands tall a statue

Silent night, dreadful night
All is still amidst great fright
Beneath the dark the cry is out
The dead to the living in a quiet shout

Today is my birthday
I wasn’t this age last year
And as I’m getting older
So I get somewhat tougher

The sky is going grey
The clouds are forming
The sun is moving away
Cos the rain is coming

Stewart Gideon Biography

The second of three boys born to Mr. & Mrs. Clement Stewart. A native of Opobo Town in Opobo/Nkoro L.G.A, Rivers State, Nigeria. I am a student of Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, studying Computer Science. I thrive well in an atmosphere of love. I like to be loved and also to love genuinely. I hate seeing things going wrong and will always do what I can to correct them. As my hobby, I write poems and songs, read Christian literature and write computer programs. I write poems basically because I like expressing myself - my views and my opinions and I want to be heard by people far and wide. So don't be surprised at the tone of my poems and don't fail to send me your corrections and opinions about my poem because I know am not good and am ready to learn. Thank you for reading my brief biography and my poems. I hope you have been touched by them. Stewart Gideon Clement.)

The Best Poem Of Stewart Gideon

How Time Flies

Tick-tick-tick the clock moves
Sixty times and it’s a minute
A little while and it’s another hour
And soon dusk approaches
Night, then a new day
Few hours ago
Now termed yesterday
And before you know it
The year is gone
Sweet memories
Flashing through the mind
Like it happened
Few seconds past
But lo
That was some years back
How seconds turn minutes
Minutes turn hours
Hours turn days
Days turn weeks
Weeks turn months
And you have a year
Oh how time flies

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Unwritten Soul 23 November 2011

You use talent for the peace, you write the words for world bliss and you must stand here as a human for life for people to got talent, keep inking thought with your right mind always_Unwritten Soul

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Rusty Gibson 03 November 2011

Well Said! ! ! I feel it! Thank You!

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Umaprosad Das 11 May 2011

You have a good thought which is very nicely imposed on your composition as you are a lover. Ecstasy is there in love. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks

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Stewart Gideon Popularity

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