There Is No Social Justice

You hear the term bandied about,
used to justify everything,
this catch-all phrase, ‘social justice, '
its praises some constantly sing.

It has become their shibboleth,
to oppose it is heresy,
should someone not buy into it
you will hear the chorus of "Reeeee! "

They claim it is the moral path,
agree with it or be cancelled,
but even quick examinations
reveals it as a load of bull.

And worst off their bad ideas
undermine actual justice,
since that is individual,
‘social' justice can never exist.

Human beings aren't ‘collectives, '
groups themselves are just abstractions,
you do not answer for others,
or pay for the things that they've done.

If you look like a known murderer
you don't go to jail for their crime,
yet these ‘social' justice nitwits
use this principal all the time!

They claim that if your skin is pale,
then by nature you must oppress,
even if you have done nothing
that entitle others to redress.

They claim that if your skin is dark,
a victim you always must be,
even if you have suffered no crime
and are going through life nicely.

A moral mind would look at this,
say, "F-ck off, leave those guys alone, "
since neither committed a crime,
there's nothing to condemn or condone.

But to live and let people live
is not something the left abides,
so they go looking for problems,
some evil that they can ascribe.

They scream sh-t like ‘unconscious bias'
to turn good people into fiends,
it doesn't matter you've done no wrong,
they need to make you feel guilty.

They dig out past wrongdoings done
by people who are long since dead,
then scream that, somehow, it's your fault,
that those sins belong on your head.

But you are not responsible
for a past when you did not live,
these things are no genetic, no,
you've no reason to feel like sh-t.

You're only a criminal if
a crime is committed by you,
and you're only a victim if
you've suffered from crime, that's truth.

You cannot just look at some group
and declare they are good or bad,
you judge people one at a time,
to not do so is bloody mad.

And in that lies the irony
of this whole ‘social justice' phrase,
it exists to excuse racism,
to put a nice name on mere hate.

You want to hate pale people or
attack any one that succeeds,
just claim that it's ‘social justice, '
then you can go and make them bleed.

You want to say bigoted things
and not have to take flak for it?
Just claim that it's ‘social justice, '
and that your group ‘cannot be racist.'

You want to put quotas in place,
and get jobs that you have no earned?
Then just cry out ‘social justice, '
and watched those wrong-colored folk burn.

You want to smash and loot your town,
but now have to do time in jail?
Just say that it's ‘social justice, '
and they let you go without fail.

We really shouldn't be surprised,
the left always divides by race,
from slavery down to Jim Crow…
of course they'd cheerlead this disgrace.

But there's no need to buy into
a concept that's so disgusting,
justice can never be social,
it's an individual thing.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: political,philosophical,truth,how i feel,reality,justice,evil,wisdom,corruption,culture,rhyme,rant