'These Days' Poem by Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria

'These Days'

When I tasted the affairs of these days
Behold it was all sour
When I beheld the affairs of these ungracious pastors
Dekko it has sequel become my bane
Oh! The world is a cruel place sometimes luxurious

Oh hullabaloo, the world is too wide for thee
Many stuttered, but patience to prevent
Wherein shall you abode
Under this palms, under this tangerines
Ergo no one could predict precariously because it was very cold

I woke up early on my morning
I thought those we repose the mantle on
Could have been the fittest
But rather, they become servants of the holes in their garments
Leaving the turnable stones unturned.

Who else could stand he chance to forestall peace
We thought those above sixty could be
Alas! We decoded they are the worst we have ever experienced
Even the tenure of the youngest could have been explicable
To the learned in the garden of knowledge
We mean those who could interpret the omen of the nightmares we had

But now, we cheered a new crop of human right activist emerged
Who could macadamize all these dilapidated structures
Which have proclaimed many moguls defunct
Those who could have been relied on to fetch betters days beneath
At their prime, they mourned them home, ascribing their misfortune
To these roads that are not motorable

The soothsayers could no longer soothsay
The arrival of the suspensed betters days they say ahead
Everybody on tentterhooks expecting the days of efficacy
Where we have things auguring efficaciously
Then the dancer could dance to the rythm of the talking drum
Precisely, the centre could hold in peace

But now who is to bell the cat; a teaser
Who could jeopardise his one precious stone
Which if lost, has no duplicate
Except the mightiest who abides in heaven
The face of whom no one could behold
His wrath no one could subdue
Lest him that abide under His shadow

Richard Jarboe 21 July 2008

your version of these days could become everyones in the near future. Good job, Richard

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Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria
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