They Say Poem by Tina Rizk

They Say

My love,

They say that a love that ends
Wasn't love in the first place
Then what was it?

Maybe a bunch of good shallow feelings
Maybe an admiration of the physical beauty
Maybe a compatibility in minds

But all beginnings are beautiful
And everything that shines isn't gold

Beauty will fade away anyway
As time passes by
People will change
Priority will change
Minds will change

But a beautiful heart will not change
Hearts never get wrinkles
When white hair covers the head
When health becomes frail
Morality and ethics will stay solid as rocks
The soul will still shine brightly as the sun

Inner beauty, morality and ethics
Outweighs the fake mask some put to cover
Their real ugly and rusty color

True love is honoring the lover's heart
And loving it unconditionally

The world is hard enough
And love needs to be a safe haven
Of peace of mind and tender vibes

You love my soul and heart
A love divine, unconditional
That made the impossible possible

You filled my soul with delight
And lit my heart with pure sunlight

Your love keeps touching my soul
For you love me inside out as a whole
More than I ever dreamed of
My sweet tender love

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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