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My love,

When I write to you
My pen feels enchanted

My love,

If life ends
And we didn't meet

My love,

I was lost in the sea of time
Weary heart, broken wings

My love,

You and I are an endless love story
That started in the soul, long time ago

My love,

Your heart is mine
So gentle and kind

My love,

I hear the bells ringing
Dring, dring, dring....

Let's meet one day
In spring or winter
In June or October
In Milan or the Maldives

Come to me
With all your scars
With all your wounds
With all your pain

My Love,

Hold me close to your heart
Let me gaze into your eyes

My love,

I cherish your love
As a wish I long prayed for

My love,

What's age but a number
You make me feel much younger

I know a woman
Who runs away from love
Yet believes she deserves to be loved!


My love,

When the curtain falls
You'll be there

And then one day
You look in the mirror
And see yourself as you are

My love,

My heart wandered as a cloud
Feeling alone amid the crowd

My love,

S- is for my other half, the tender SOUL of yours.

My love,

My heart whispers to you
Sweet words this evening

My love,

As far as I remember
Your love has always tendered my heart

My love,

Love never asks why
Love just says how

My love,

Wherever I go, I see only you
Whatever I do, I think only of you

Tina Rizk Biography

Tina is an accomplished poet from Beirut, Lebanon. She published her 3 poetic anthologies books at Amazon: 'Soulmates Love Poems', 'Love Poem & Quotes' and 'Inspirational Life Lessons Poems & Quotes'. She also published her autobiography book 'Oops, I am back! ', in addition to two ebooks, also available on Amazon: 'Short stories with moral' and a poetic devices tutorial titled '26 Basic Poetic Devices'.)

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When I Write To You

My love,

When I write to you
My pen feels enchanted
It starts to draw heart shapes
Urging me to keep writing

When I write to you
Words get crowded on my mind
They put perfume to attract me
For they know what you mean to me

When I write to you
The paper follows what I write
At times she smiles, at times blushes
For she reads between the lines

When I write to you
The pen, the paper and words
Start a love parade
Where roses are thrown in the air
While I see your face everywhere

Copyright ©️ Tina Rizk

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Tina Rizk Quotes

The only one who stays with you for the rest of your life is YOU. Don't waste your life pleasing everyone around you, while they live on breaking everything beautiful in you.

To know what people say about you in your absence, listen to what they say about others in your presence.

When you review your life, you'll find that the person to whom you owe the most apology is yourself.

There are a thousand ways of betrayal, the ugliest being to pretend love.

Respect is a key pillar for the longevity of relations: not only in speech, but also of feelings, ambition, opinion and mentality.

A toxic person uses you, doesn't respect you, takes from you, doesn't value you, tries to possess you, and doesn't cherish you.

The fish said to the sea: you'll never be able to see my tears...The sea said: but I can feel your sadness, for you live inside my heart... Only those who placed us in their heart, can feel us.

Never take a decision while angry, for anger is like a smoke, it impedes vision.

Silence is a rebellious language, an unwritten letter, a book with empty pages. It's is a sigh that speaks volumes.

If life was always smooth, how would we learn courage and patience?

Half of the person's beauty lies in their words, the other half in their mind; as for the face, it's merely a cover that changes with the passage of time.

A hut in which a woman laughs is better than a mansion in which she cries.

Walk away from the ungrateful to all the beautiful you gave away to them.

Anyone can offer you roses, but only the right person can grow them inside your heart

The first and last clauses in the Law of Relationships state: feelings appear first, morals appear in the end.

It's easy to find 50 friends within a year, but much harder to find one friend for 50 years.

You are the same person, but people see you differently, because each person sees you from the angle where you stand inside their heart.

Walking on thorns of truth is better than flying above the clouds of illusion.

As thorns don't give fragrances As deserts don't grow flowers Narcissists don't breathe feelings

The worst in betrayal is that it doesn't come from an enemy.

Sometimes, withdrawing from people's lives is not done out of cowardice, but rather because you endured a lot for a trifle thing.

Fake friends are like migratory birds, they fly away when the weather worsens.

The secret of true happiness: Lower your expectations of people, raise your expectations of yourself.

When the heart breaks The mind awakes

Loyalty is to keep loving roses after they wither. Faithfulness is not to forget that once, you leaned down to smell their perfume.

The heaviest chains are not made from iron. They're made of our emotions, expectations and thoughts.

Blaming is a language of love for others. We do it with people we care about. But with people who don't deserve our love, walking away is also a language of love, but for ourselves.

You will meet two types of people: Some will make your life beautiful when they enter it. Others will make it beautiful when they leave it.

Love starts after the passion of beginnings ends.

Our hearts will breathe happiness, when we consider life a mere journey. We came barefooted and we'll leave it empty-handed.

Love is not a wealthy man and a beautiful woman; Love is an honest man and a faithful woman.

Love is like fate... We don't choose it... It chooses us.

There is no more powerful proof of love than respect. To respect is to love.

They say time will change everything. Trust that nothing will change if you don't change your mindset first.

All thefts are forbidden except that of happiness. Wherever you find it, steal it! Stealing it is permissible. No law will punish you. You just have to be a good thief, for it's good at hiding!

Be strong as a branch that has chosen to defy nature and flower in autumn.

If you don't fight for what you like, you will fight a lot to cope with a situation you don't like.

No one can take away your pain from you; Thus don't let anyone take away your happiness from you

SILENT PERSONS Half of their conversations are in their eyes; the other half are letters buried in their hearts that no one reads.

Luck exists not! There's will, there's planning There's work, there's diligence After that... The impossible exists not!

FACT: Most people don't remember what you did for them; they remember what you couldn't do.

Life taught me that to be happy, you need to find the strength to close some doors and the courage to open others, for as long as you don't walk away from everything that sickens you, you will never be happy.

Be grateful to hardships that exposed to you the real faces of those who claimed to love you.

When someone gives you the key of their heart, be careful not to lose it, for if you do, you won't find another copy.

Friendship and love flower within the heart of honest people.

The difference between love and tenderness is that love is settled in the heart, but tenderness appears in behavior. Thus, every caring person is a lover, but not every lover is caring.

Hearing the word 'I love you' Is not the most beautiful thing in life Seeing that expression in the eyes Of the one you love is more beautiful For the eyes never lie...never

The real block is that of hearts. Don't let the heart of someone you love block you. Facebook and WhatsApp blocks can be done and undone a thousand times, but when the heart blocks someone, it's permanent and can never be unwound.

Sometimes, we go through transitional periods in life that cannot be passed without having something that dies within us.

Love is: 'I water you, you water me', mutual affection, mutual care, mutual everything.

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