They Take Self Love Too Far Poem by Francis Duggan

They Take Self Love Too Far

'Tis sad to think that those into self promotion in success seem to get far
For I am tired of listening to them telling me of how great they are
Always blowing their own bugles they love the me, myself and I
'Tis with a great sense of relief when to them I get to say goodbye.

People into self promotion yearn for the public gaze
But such people one tire of listening to singing their own praise
yet self promotion seems to work for them as they climb the success tree
Is boasting nowadays seen as acceptable in the twenty first century.

Their idea if you don't sing your own praises your praises will remain unsung
They feel that is the only reason that they were born with a tongue
They take self love that bit too far and you never hear them once say
That he or she is a good person respect to others they never pay.

The down to earth leave the talking to others they never say I am the best
They don't boast about their achievements and don't place themselves above the rest
I like them these humble quiet achievers and others say of them how great
And they are the truly successful and the people we should celebrate.

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