They Were Right Poem by Yaya King

They Were Right

'Everybody said that we won't last'
'Give it some time, you're young, it'll pass'
They were right
Regardless of how much I put up a fight,
The tunnel was excruciatingly endless,
There seemingly never was a light
Things turned south, deteriorated,
And eventually, her feelings took flight
She couldn't hold on to them,
But I wonder if she ever bothered to try and hold on tight

Alas, it didn't matter what we put in,
It didn't matter that I'd fallen for my best friend
It was almost impossible to hold up my chin,
When what we shared came to an end

'I think I want to marry you';
The lyric said 'I think', but;
I, on the other hand, didn't just think, but knew
I was blinded by passion however, and I couldn't see through,
The reality that suggested,
That she may not have wanted that too

At least, not as much as I did,
That would make sense
Because I was always extreme and extra,
The Certified King of Drama
I always needed to disconnect my heart from my brain,
But I couldn't cut through that wire
When faced with the truth, I'd say;
'The devil is a liar'
When things such as that come to mind,
I laugh, thinking: 'Typical Yaya'

Anyways, we had a good run,
Even though some moments had me wishing I'd had a gun
All in all, it was fun,
Even though there were times during it's ending that were all rain and no sun,
I can't deny it was generally a beautiful one

Gradually but steadily letting go of the past,
Ridding my memory of the moments when a truckload of raging emotions sat on my chest, weighing more than a ton,
I thank God for my last,
Now I sit and wait for the next one

I started writing this while listening to 'Let's Get Married' by Vedo. The lyrics in the poem are 'Everybody said that we wouldn't last', 'Give it some time, you're young, it'll pass', and 'I think I wanna marry you'.
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