Limping Heart Pt 2 Poem by Yaya King

Limping Heart Pt 2

Rating: 5.0

Why do I have to wait some time before replying?
Why can't I show that texting you is exciting?
Why do I have to hold back on flirting?
Why do I have to think twice about complimenting?
Why can't I let you know that listening to your voice has got my feet to the ceiling?
Why can't I let you know the times I get you laughing gets me celebrating?

Since when did I have to act like I don't care as much?
Sometimes, I feel as though I'm doing too much,
As though I've got to gear down, and press that clutch
Wanting to express my feelings,
But I hold back, thinking;
'I can't do such'

They say time heals wounds,
But how can you heal from something that's timeless?
Even if I could stop loving you,
I'd keep doing so regardless,
While my brain continues to remind me it's pointless,
My heart won't listen though, it's hopeless

I'm trying to show my feelings out the door,
But I don't know what my heart's holding on for,
Clinging on to what's getting it sore
No matter how many times it's thrown to the floor,
It keeps going back for more
Keeps going back to play that loosing game,
Knowing the result will always ends up the same

All this has got me loosing my brain;
I can't even remember my own name
The way my mind's wilding,
I don't even have the capacity to tame
I wish what was getting to my head was fame

Why does loving you have to give me a heart attack?
I'm taking hits on hits and I don't have a single counterattack,
I spent too much of my love,
And I can't take an ounce of it back
How many lines have I written from heartbreak and heartache?
I've lost track

The second part of the one poem 'Limping Heart', all written some time last year
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