Things We Don't Understand Poem by David Welch

Things We Don't Understand

So often does it seem to me,
as science moves forth steadily,
that it sets into certain minds
that there's no truth we cannot find.
"All can be known, "they do declare,
with enough study, work, and care,
hubris gives us pretensions grands,
yet there's things we can't understand.

Now I don't stand against science,
since it's led to real improvement,
when it comes to ‘How, ' it does well,
but the ‘Why' it can never tell.
Why are we here? Why do we exist?
Why does the universe persist?
Did it all come out of nothing,
or has there always been something?
Why is life different from mere sand?
There's things science can't understand.

It's also incumbent to note
that we see things that critter's won't,
the joy of sunsets we relate,
our intuitions, sense of fate,
science declares such things are naught,
but we still know them in our gut,
we're mere matter by physics' plan,
yet ‘unreal' things we understand.

Yet when I point out these hard truths
some people just pour forth abuse,
so many of them loose their sh#t
if you dare suggest there's limits.
You ask these questions of ‘great' men,
they have no good answers for them,
but of belief they are not fans,
won't admit they don't understand.

As to what a belief pertains,
I honestly can make no claim,
is it a god or something else?
Does it do any good to dwell?
What would we be next to a god?
Could we even discern his laws?
One day I'm praised, the next I'm damned,
but there's much I can't understand.

I think denying this is bad,
and liable to drive you mad,
what use is asking every day
questions that cannot go away?
How could we understand and see
something beyond reality?
Humility is a gift to man,
since much we'll never understand.

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,how i feel,humanity,knowledge,philosophical ,rhyme,science,truth,wisdom
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