A Cowboy Poet Shot In The Shin Poem by David Welch

A Cowboy Poet Shot In The Shin

The cowboy poet went out
for a breath of fresh air.
Then a shot rang out,
coming out of nowhere.
The bullet came straight,
flying towards him.
Now he's a sad poet
who's been shot in the shin.

He looked all around,
only saw the prairie.
Never found his foe
wherever he be.
Now for all his days
he will walk with a limp,
that sad, cowboy poet
who's been shot in the shin.

Oh sad, sad poet,
never hurt anything.
Oh sad, sad poet,
no one of this will sing.
Oh sad, sad poet,
it's the damndest of things,
to be a cowboy poet
who's been shot in the shin.

He hopped to the house
and settled down there.
Friends sent for the doc,
who in an hour appeared.
The doc showed up
and made his way in,
said, "Now who would ever
shoot a man in the shin? "

Took the bullet out
and he cleaned up the wound.
Then he tipped his hat
and said "good afternoon."
As the years went by,
the mystery settled in.
Who would want to hurt a poet,
who shot him in the shin?

Oh sad, sad poet,
never hurt anything.
O sad, sad poet
what weirdness life brings.
Oh sad, sad poet
there's no understanding
Why a cowboy poet
would be shot in the shin.

Thursday, August 16, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cowboy,humorous,silly
Best imagined sung as an old west ballad.
Rob Lamberton 14 February 2023

Maybe the dude with the guns was jealous about words as the only play he knew was to draw!

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Chinedu Dike 02 November 2018

Well conceived and nicely penned with a tinge of humour. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing David.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 01 November 2018

A beautifully crafted amusing story versified with rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing.

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Susan Williams 16 August 2018

I could see an old cowhand strumming on his guitar in the bunk house, his sun-bleached voice breaking in the middle of the lines - - - my guess is that he was practicing fast drawing and shot himself ;)

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