Amanda Deupree

This Time Is Like No Other - Poem by Amanda Deupree

I'm sinking down into you
Trapped inside feeling blue
Sinking into your obis
Needing you and this sweet bliss
You lift me up into the air
You drop me down and I don't care
Something in me needs this pain
You are making me insane
Hiding from you is no fun
If I could know the place to run
I see you there I come undone
Your kiss calls me and you have won
This time I feel like I need you more
Without you I don't know how to soar
Take me to that safety place
Wipe these tears from my face
If only you knew what you do to me
But there are no words to make you see
I'm addicted to every part of you
Your voice your touch the things you do
I know you are so bad for me
Like a drug that I don't need
This time I've lost a winning fight
How can loosing be delight?
Your faith is more then I can take
Why is this a mistake?
So confused and needing to think
But top of my list is where you rank
If only you knew how it is for me
Perhaps that would make you see
It’s time to say the words you feel
This feeling is my misery
My bliss and my destiny
Taking something from my soul
Without you I’m no longer whole
If this is my fate
Then I’m caught forever in debate
Your voice is like the sun's sweet ray
Casting the path for my day
This time I hold you closer still
Holding you with my will
You’ll turn from me again I know
But in time your love will show
I’m confused by you and what you do
And this feeling is so new
Take me to your hiding place
Let me see your secret face
Cast your light into my heart
You've already taken every part
Show me what it is you need
And I will cast my loving seed
Hold me here I won’t mind
Keep me here and make me blind
I need something to take my time
Listen to my lover's rhyme
I know you see my loving hand
You know it’s time to take your stand
Still you do not reach out your arm
For you fear some form of harm
I need you more then I can tell
Casting away this lover spell
If you see me let me know
If you can’t then let me go
I don’t know what I’m trying to say
Other then come what may
I’ll stand here and wait for you
Don’t leave me here feeling blue
Take me higher let me soar
Giving me some form of cure
You’re a drug I think I need
Without you I will surely bleed
This time I know I've lost it all
But I can’t ignore your call
You have my heart you have it all
You make me feel like I’m not so small
Your smile is all that I see
When I look inside of me
Your face it haunts my waking dream
True love so it would seem
Still I mean so little to you
You love me only in glimpses few
I break upon the sound of your voice
A wake to your loving choice
I know you inside and out
Of this there is no single doubt
My heart and brain now collide
For I don’t know how to decide
In my dreams is where you reside
In my heart is where you confide
It’s bliss and pain at the same time
A sweet bell upon a wind chime
How can you expect me to explain?
From inside all of this pain
My life my thought my very soul
Burning with you as its coal
You turn me this way and that
I have become your doormat
Truly this is what you do?
If only I just knew
Take me away and hide my face
For this is one bad case
Your life and love means everything
Your very thought it makes me sing
If there were some way to explain these words
Then I would not be here fighting cords
Choking drowning suffocating
Loving you becomes debating
Hold my hand and bring me glee
Or let go and make me free
You have me babbling to myself
While storing potions on a shelf
Take away my misery
Make me happy
Or make me free!

Comments about This Time Is Like No Other by Amanda Deupree

  • (3/9/2015 1:33:00 AM)

    I appreciate your honesty (Report) Reply

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  • Khairul Ahsan (8/27/2013 3:39:00 AM)

    A nice poem that narrates the feelings you hold for him and his influence on you.
    A bit too long, would look better with trimming the repetitive words and descriptions.
    (Report) Reply

  • (5/17/2013 1:10:00 AM)

    no lie.. this was the best poem ive ever read! i felt it... (Report) Reply

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