Alfred Barna

Thoughts - Poem by Alfred Barna

There are those staring
At an event horizon
Leering and glaring
Which is not surprising?
Preaching a hip gnosis
For the inner circle crowd
Oblivious, they are the show for this
Club, to which they are not allowed

The kingdom of the 1 %
Is not for the tools that they use
For it was never their intent
Always knowing, they would refuse
Minions initiated to imaginations
Made up for sport and to entertain
Media, music and theater; saturations
Binds, seeking to tie down, coerce, restrain
Thoughts (where are the police)
Thinking, you are all alone
Thoughts (where is the release)
Kept inside, not to roam

There exist, those empty
For which nothing can fulfill
They are the entropy
Dominating force of will
They burn, just for the burning
They have no true love, nor hate
They yearn, just for the yearning
But they have no hope for their fate

The kingdom of the 1 %
Is illumination of a golden age
They have no contrition, nor repent
For their dominions are for their rage
Yet, their one singularity
Shall flee form their wretched grasp
The sought for perpetuity
Warning: Be careful for what you ask
Thoughts (Eyes; that cannot truly see)
Dripping like drops into the sink
Thoughts (They will seek death that will from them flee)
Wondering, who else will start to think

Topic(s) of this poem: Thoughts

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Those who seek Prometheus' knowledge will be burned. For within his gnosis, is the secret; he meant for you to consume yourself, for his own satisfaction, that you are a fool.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 31, 2014

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