Thoughts On Kiev Poem by Flying Lemming

Thoughts On Kiev

Rating: 1.0

Countless golden sparkling cathedrals
Bright coloured buildings breaking up tone
Parks full of life, bursting out beauty
The run down tower blocks called home
New shiny buildings being built
Towering up filling the sky
100 year old flats with warped frames
And ceilings that are cracked and high

Little kiosks selling food and drink
Dotted all over the city
Beer bottle tops trod into the ground
Leave patterns both random and pretty
Car horns beeping on every street
Traffic often the only sound
Yet the chaos has it own order
There’s no delays on the underground

Early morning while the city sleeps
Road sweepers keep the streets clean
Beer drank regularly but not reckless
No violence can be seen
The people don’t seem joyful
As if life has been a hard stroll
The soviet oppression has ground them down
Cold winters have taken their toll

But kindness lives within their eyes
And optimism built to last
Although every penny is hard to come by
Humanity keeps walking past
Yes the main feeling I get from Kiev
That surrounded me throughout my stay
Is the feeling of hope and power of life
To grow brighter right through the grey

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