Patti Masterman

Through A Glass Darkly - Poem by Patti Masterman

Through a glass darkly, one night in my dreams,
I found myself inside a huge residence-
So large, I could not see from one room the
Confines of the next one; great open spaces
And lovely tapestries, rugs, and treatments.
Someone commented on the immense windows,
And I realized I had ascended many stories high
Almost without noticing the gradual rise.
And there was nothing mean or petty in the entirety.
I saw evidences of the creating that had gone on;
Started at some point in the past; objects still
Sitting where the work had been carried out,
However many years, decades or centuries had passed by-
It was hard to tell; it all seemed a timeless space.
Intimations of science and measurements and
Discoveries and inventions, were scattered about.
Ceilings so high that you almost expected
Clouds to be found floating there; some areas well-lit,
And some in partial darkness.
Long, regal staircases descended up and down, sometimes
Without obvious destinations, almost like ornaments
Of an intense mind’s desire to stay
Always occupied, and never stagnant.
The groups of people gathered about would come
Just to view the remnants of the great conceptions
That were here conceived and brought to life.
I wandered about getting more and more lost.
I started to cry when they said visiting hours were over-
I must have been waiting a long time to see this
Playground of my beloved one;
Who seemed somehow distant and unavailable
In the parallel universe of this dream.
When I woke up, I realized where it was that I had been all night-
I was inside your soul, the resplendent receptacle of
Everything that you are or have ever been.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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