Tiger Pursuit Poem by Denis Martindale

Tiger Pursuit

To some, the tiger looks so cute,
With so much feline charm...
But when the tiger's in pursuit,
Who knows who'll come to harm?
Although the tiger's face looks sweet,
It hides sharp teeth that bite!
He's not a cat to meet and greet
Or bravely choose to fight!
It's true, the tiger loves his friends
And welcomes them with glee...
And yet, that's where all friendship ends -
So I'd prefer to flee!
I'd soon be off, if he were close!
Too close for comfort's sake!
I'd soon be standing on my toes -
I'd run, make no mistake!
Perhaps the tiger could be tamed...
Fried chicken, bacon, chops?
I'm out of those! I could be maimed!
Too late to call the cops!
I'm on my own! I'm on my Todd!
I'm off, without a doubt!
Quite frantic, friends, I'd pray to God!
'Dear Lord! Please help me out! '
I'd not be praying on my knees
Or talking politics...
I'd not be swapping recipes
Or teaching tiger tricks!
I'd not attempt to stroke his fur
And smile with winsome grin!
My little legs would be a blur!
I'd scat to save my skin!
I've never been where tigers hunt
Or sunbathed where they roam!
And frankly, friends, to be quite blunt,
Scared stiff, I'd stay at home!

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Tiger Pursuit'.

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