The Beauty Of My Daughter Poem by Denis Martindale

The Beauty Of My Daughter

My daughter is God's gift to me,
Her father in the Lord.
She's my great joy, my ecstasy,
My loving God's reward.
She stands alone in her own faith,
The gift God gave to her,
From Christ the Saviour, strong to save,
Our Jesus, Yeshua...

My daughter prays by day and night,
Although some choose to laugh.
For me, such prayers are my delight
And may God light her path.
I've seen my daughter grow and grow,
This rose before my eyes.
I thank God for each truth she'll know
From God alone, who's wise.

She trusts God's Son once sacrificed...
Round to its point of view.
The Spirit who was once in Christ,
Lives in my daughter, too.
My daughter's taught God's prophecies
Are true in every part.
She's learnt that life's great mysteries
Are found within Christ's heart.

She's born of God, she's born again,
She's living in His grace.
She walks in light before all men,
Yet always seeks His face.
The Way of the Master blesses!
So many souls are won!
More blessed if each confesses
Salvation in God's Son!

Through discipline, disciples teach.
We train a child with love.
My daughter's love helps her to preach
And reach out like a dove.
I'm proud of her! She seeks the lost!
She witnesses worldwide...
The Bible matters! Count the cost
When Christ was crucified...

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2009.

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