Til Death Do Us Part

Rating: 5.0

He looked up the aisle to his one true joy in life
He looked up at the woman who would soon be his wife
How slow she walk, She walked so precise
He looked into her blue eyes, her eyes that could only entice
As he looked at her he only saw the beginning of his new life

What was about to happen he had no clue
He simply smiled and said his I Do
But when it was his brides turn she only refused
Leaving her lover entirely confused
He sat there trying to ignore the truth

He screamed and he cried
She simply denied
That she ever loved him

He begged and he pleaded
She looked so conceited
Unaware of the damage shed done

That morning he had everything
This night he had nothing
Alone in his room he pulled the trigger
Thats the tale of how the happiest day became the last
The story how you can lose everything so fast
So enjoy it while it last

Marvin Brato 21 May 2007

Morbid but meaningful. Thanks.10 for you.

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