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Marriage sanctifies sex,
sex consummates marriage.
But why prefer sex before marriage,
is there one or more reasons to consider?

Work is never easy
to do or accomplish

Yet many wish for it

Poet is a poignant being
thrives with self internalizing
with intellect can communicate
expresses sentiments quite innate

A knowledge if shared,
likely grows to abundance..
if keep to self will be lost!

I am a poet

and so many others

Rich or not
We all have got
Chances in lifetime
To live quite sublime

Greatness of a person is not measured by riches
Real importance lies in what the heart truly wishes
Accomplishing big things without love is useless
Continuous blessings when wasted become pointless

Love at first sight

is sort of seeing the love

Being with family is best part,

real world to spend meaningful life;

Am borne free
As the wind
To infinite desires
Of the human heart

Everyone aspires for an education
Study the lessons is required action
Today after those struggles I have made
Eventually I got now my hard earned degree

Sin is tempting

is a spiritual blunder

Adam and Eve were overcame
By Satan in the Garden of Eden
Since then man has been possessed
By an evil spirit which quite obsessed

Man of ' common sense'
Icon in principle not pretense
gives trust and confidence
unifies oppositions with credence

To write poetry is my passion

It instills pride and consolation

A personal accusation
to an innocent individual
with a deliberate attempt
to induce a bad impression

A dawn unfolding to man,
As chromatic art is shining.
Portrays a rainbow of colors,
Depicting varied sentiments;

I can not fathom, the reasons
nor understand the significance
why does love just blossoms
in the garden of the heart's stance

Being in love with you

is an overwhelming joy

Marvin Brato Sr Biography

I am a dreamer who love to do and appreciate simple things in life with family, true friends and nature. My sole happiness is to see my family healthy and happy! and secure. I work hard to make them happy. I love them more than anything else in this world, I won't give them up for silver or gold! I maybe strict with them to develop self reliance and independence and be prepared to live on their own comfortably when grown up. I write poems (mostly acrostics) to express inner thoughts and emotions toward the various processes and essence of existence! Thank God for this life, it is very short hence make it useful! Spend it with your love ones, for when we are gone good memories are remembered. I work as Medical Technologist IV at Southern Philippines Medical Center formerly Davao Medical Center, a government hospital located in Davao City, Philippines.)

The Best Poem Of Marvin Brato Sr

(why Sex Before Marriage?)

Marriage sanctifies sex,
sex consummates marriage.
But why prefer sex before marriage,
is there one or more reasons to consider?

Maybe its still men's quest,
a priority test for him as the best.
So that the mating could be marked,
as something worth experience to take.

The best part in sex is sensuality,
that each mate could get from sex.
The manner a partner performs well,
is much desired by almost hot lovers.

Science could enhance state of sexuality,
cosmetology can recreate the transformation.
By sex before marriage a person can discern,
is the smart way to test the true lover's affinity.

Sexual compatibility excites much pleasure,
Aside from love it is where both are in tune.
And to know what degree of zest it can set,
through sex before marriage is the gauge.

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Nyta Clinton 03 April 2020

Ibam writing a paper on Lifespan and would like to use part of his poem

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sounds really great. you are showing your emotions nice. you will have great future in poetry. i invite you to read my poems. as a friendly look.

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Sivan P.G Menon 14 July 2008

dear marvin.. how I wish..humanbeings..learn to be 'magnanimous'.... to all LIFE & living & non living elements.... good write.. regards..

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Petra Baroness Von Schleinitz 12 September 2007

I am able to see the beautiful mango trees by reading your poem and feel the rich taste of mangoes on my tongue! Wonderful poem! Thank you Marvin for sharing!

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Marvin Brato Sr Quotes

Live in such a way that the bad things which few people talk about you become unbelievable

Smile upon winning but, smile still when you lost... it marks true courage!

All hearts... Wish for love, it is a dream. The desire lingers in time as the craving heightens.

Blight sex may get you HIV, Life is then shorten.

Poetry writing is only an instrument composing it is inborn

Love is true when it can't die after all are gone

Now in solemn solitude I feel the innate melancholy as memories flash in reminiscent of the romantic moments we shared trapped in those faded old photos

A desperate act, of a dispirited man... to end pain in death!

Knowledge is wisdom, intuition to learn something; practice makes perfect!

Reckoning love I obtain Overflowing like fountain. Now I feel no emptiness Every second is happiness. Love is what i need Life is wonderful indeed. Yes I finally found someone

Time clicking always Seems so fast for those who wait Like everlasting But too short for those who care Spending with the one you love

The ocean waves like influx of emotions always changing course depending on the forces that stimulate the heart!

The earth is arid, The high sun rapes its green land, Fury breaks the soil. The habitat is dead now, Only the rainfall can save!

Lingering moments, We both enjoy the sweet time. Like honey its love, Sparks magic into our hearts; Bringing joy and contentment!

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Marvin Brato Sr Popularity

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