Till Then Good Bye. Poem by Saleem Tharani

Till Then Good Bye.

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Show me some richness of heart,
Show me the goodness within,
Show me the love in depth,
Show me all why you be rich by heart,
Your soul, the divine master has got,
Show it all.

My eyes are dry, saw nothing good for long,
My ears willing to hear, but
Inner voice, had never greet me so long,
My lips cry to smile,
My face bear expression no good, while
My heart is groaning noiselessly.

Wet my eyes, let me cry in bliss,
Sound into my ears, wisdom
I ought to learn,
Show me some light,
Soulfulness let me earn.

Hark the angel's plea,
Heaven's gates are all shut on me,
You the supreme beings,
You the creator of heaven,
Show me some light, show me the path,
Show me the way, so i get in.

I will bless you all,
I am far away from the earth,
yet my blessings are of worth,
Bring me down, Heaven i cry, so let me in,
Before i go far, high so high,
Till then good bye.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: heaven
Hazel Durham 14 October 2012

A heartfelt plea to the one above to show you the way, inspired write!

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