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White dazzles my inner divide,
Black thrown in with my unruly side,
My parents wave me a lingering goodbye,
They have always nurtured my childlike soul,

A smooth, round pebble thrown with joy into a Killarney lake,
Creates movement of dancing ripples that reflects the light of the day,
Like the film of their lives, beginning with the first take,
My mother's moist, brown eyes scattered with flecks of green,

Lover of life, every man dreamt of you being his wife,
Long blond hair shimmering in the sunlight,
A golden face, forever smiling,
You held the reins of your destiny,


Places, faces, friends or foe,
Life gathers as we sow,
Dreams scatter as harsh winds blow,
Lovers say their empty words then go,

She drift's around without luggage, living off a blank page
Without family, finding a time to bloom,
Raising her face to the sun,
As it embraces her desire to have fun,

Punchestown races a glorious extravaganza,
You had a flutter on Fuchsia Belle,
Tall white haired man, softest baby blue eyes,
Everything new and wondrous to you,

He lives deep inside himself with burnt out emotions,
He can stll hear his piercing scream's,
When he had a bad fall from a horse in a race,
That ended all his dream's,

Apprehension of the unknown,
In the atmosphere of bar room tension,
Men sitting on long stools, with no time for fools,
On the counter, pint glasses full and half full,

The cold, parched pavement is like a warning sent
To her thought process to run, run away
Back to nature's dreams and the sweet melody of the birds singing each day,
She tries to be happy in this noisy, busy city overlooking the bay,

Bluebells flaunting themselves from the undergrowth of the deep forest,
Cool, shady allure like their birth so pure,
As the trees flirt with the ever changing skies,
Truth flourishes here as nature never lies.

My new, rustic kitchen table,
Swallows completely my turbulent state,
I feel calm like the ocean's near stillness,
As it holds its breath and waits

Across this wide expanse
Of your parched emotional landscapes,
You have drawn your drapes,
Across your troubled waters that run so deep,

Searching for the lost moments that are uplifting my emotions,
Like a shooting star, flashing so brightly,
Across the darkened skies,
Searching for the truth in the magnitude of lies,

She remembers the cherry trees were in bloom when she met him,
Time rolls back,
In a humble cafe, drinking tea,
A man leans across and catches her arm,


Echoes of empty houses, empty rooms,
Empty caravans, empty tables, empty stables,
The extreme void of their high spirited appeal,
Eventually we all have to leave,

I listen to the breeze rustling the scattered autumn leaves,
I see the dappled clouds as they weave,
A pattern across the sulking skies,
I hear the birds sing and chatter without any lies,

My soul is lost forever in a dense fog,
Swirling around in a vortex at the edge of an Irish bog.
The fallen tree has now been cut up into logs,
For my open fire, to give me warmth to dream of my desire,

He watches the light of the dawn,
Sweeping in with his fertile imagination,
Catching his talk with the fire of elation,
A master of creativity in stories embroidered

I always used to look outside my bedroom window,
At the old lime tree,
Solid and comforting, changing with the seasons,
Shedding your finery in the autumn chill,

Memories of you, like opening a window to a view,
Always so new,
Hills, valleys slumbering in the mystique,
Of the midday sun,

The Best Poem Of Hazel Durham

Black And White

White dazzles my inner divide,
Black thrown in with my unruly side,
My parents wave me a lingering goodbye,
They have always nurtured my childlike soul,
As I try to fly from my warm nest,
To accomplish and try to be the best,
In a world full of colour so bold,
I'm painted black and white,
Standing out for all the wrong reasons,
I dare to fight,
I always daydream in multicolour scenes of joy,
Living is a struggle with silent screams of turmoil,
Stirring the concoction to the boil,
As i listen to remarks that stick permanently,
I try and climb to a great height,
To discover a view, that I can never see,
I bounce back into a fantasy of nature holding my hand,
Accepting my limitations,
Tasting the sweet prospect of finding words a sensation,
Black and white finds the curious light,
That shimmers with substance and dances across the page in ink,
I cross a a wide bridge that is my link,
To dissolving the empty divide,
Like the certainty of the incoming tide.

Hazel Durham Comments

Hazel Durham is a fantastic poet who writes from the heart. Her poems are both realistic and revealing. She has the gift of captivating here reader in the first few lines of her poem and compel them to read the whole compelling composition. Keep up the wonderful works Hazel!

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Bharati Nayak 14 May 2015

Your Black and White dazzles and stands out among many colors.

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Mai Murphy Venn 03 October 2015

very good poem and it has nice flow. mai venn

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Martina Moriarty Mc Carthy 26 February 2016

Truly Awesome...the afterglow of her thoughts...Magical xxx

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Mihaela Pirjol 24 May 2016

Hazel Durham is a poetess of great sensibility and refinement. Her poetry emanates an unique emotional aesthetics; the most tender, fragile, and delicate human-emotions, are beautifully incorporated within her verses. And I do believe that many readers can relate to her poems. A poetess, that truly writes with her heart - and that is how should Poetry be written.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 October 2020

Hazel Durham is a very highly talented, skilled, internationally acclaimed, kind and honest poetess of modern world. Her poems are full of perceptional and learning values. She is a very hard working poetess. I have read her poems and reviewed. She beholds the beauty of truth. She understands life and nature well. I am wishing her all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness for her!

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Mahtab Bangalee 16 July 2019

the lady Hazel does not embezzle any can give love, wise all (just trying)

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Dipak Adhya 22 March 2019

The essence is you watching from heaven..... Well written....

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C F 04 January 2019

thank you for sharing your wonderful poems, will treasure them for a long, long time.

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Prabir Gayen 20 December 2018

A very talented soul with sensitivity......poetic fragrance is deep...

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