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Time Is Man Made - Poem by orangecat bluebandanna

And a
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Invidious opaque of windows in castles, furtive feudalistic kings
adequately fettering and stigmatizing masses to their liking.

to suit the hegemony’s thrones and crowns.
Balustrades still hold
omnipotent edifices together,
from the exhausted, over worked, turned into glue, who refuse or are to old or cost to much, who can’t keep up with
mass production,
left to fend for themselves in a world of
lucrative institutions restraining masses around the world from who we are for malicious cupidity for more property.

Sa sa sa selll, .


rerunning primitive ideologies for centuries,
advertising through mass-
smothering thoughts of us, animals,
censorship of the word oppose,
anything goes for those who nuance, though.

Turning the arts into billboards and
insurance commercials,
e n d o w m e n t s into contracts.
Exorbitant leaders pulling triggers of weapons we hold, to kill all his enemies, who pose threat to his pocket change.

Who does pose threat to his pocket change?

So called insurgents whom terrorize nothing,

capitalistic assassins!
Why must you impel us to accept all this bullshit!

Emissaries hired to assassinate a voice, sound, change of frequency to a soundless culture,
Martyrs screaming melodic infallibility, only to be
Announced and muffled as bemoans from the devil, with an acrimonious admonition of dynamism.

Tell me why Mr. Boss Man, or baneful papacy,
That numbers are infinity, but our lives must always end so shortly?
Da do da de
Race wars,
Drug wars,
Religious Wars,
Tax wars,
Partisan wars,
Job wars,
Wealth wars,
Property wars,
Marriage wars,
Sex wars,
Birth wars,
Terror wars,
Fraud wars,
Law wars,
Educational wars,
Market wars,
Government and corporate wars,
Border wars,
Peace corp. wars,
Gang wars,
Hollywood wars,
Wars oh wars oh wars

Who made all these wars? Are they all preordain? Are they meant to be some kind of presage for peace within all of humanity and other living beings and the planet? Is this unity you speak of, really bringing peace to such a diverse world?
unity is ethnocentric behavior, haven’t we learned that,
unity is through grasping diversity,

Wars of the past, are wars of the present,
governments of the past are governments of the present, violence and greed of the past are only growing in the present,

All past should be sufficed. A new present instated.

For future and only future we should be teaching.

Thump thump thump

smash all your watches!

live free

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 20, 2009

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