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1. Saltwatablues 4/19/2009
2. Anti-Eve 4/19/2009
3. Sole Of My Shoe, No Soul Of My Body 4/19/2009
4. Hollow 4/19/2009
5. Lay In The Flo Or Bed 4/19/2009
6. Yawn Then Drill 4/19/2009
7. I Miss That Cat, 4/19/2009
8. Explore It 4/19/2009
9. Love Is How You Use A Pencil 4/20/2009
10. Halifax, South End 4/20/2009
11. Shapes And Ships 4/20/2009
12. Human 4/20/2009
13. Sit 4/20/2009
14. Light Spot In The Wall 4/21/2009
15. I Hope I Never Get Old 4/21/2009
16. Some Clown Part 1 4/21/2009
17. Detritus 4/21/2009
18. Svelte Ambience 4/21/2009
19. How Do You Pronounce 4/21/2009
20. Teach No Evil 4/21/2009
21. Run? Or Hang Like An Hour? 5/5/2009
22. Speak Of Grandeur 5/7/2009
23. What Is Formal? 5/19/2009
24. Draw Eyes 7/1/2009
25. Untitled.. 9/20/2009
26. Father Culture 4/24/2009
27. Dinosaurs Are Dead 4/19/2009
28. Time Is Man Made 4/20/2009

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Time Is Man Made

And a
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Invidious opaque of windows in castles, furtive feudalistic kings
adequately fettering and stigmatizing masses to their liking.

to suit the hegemony’s thrones and crowns.
Balustrades still hold
omnipotent edifices together,
from the exhausted, over worked, turned into glue, who refuse or are to old or cost to much, who can’t keep up with
mass production,
left to fend for themselves in a ...

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who pretended to listen to me?
who really never listen to me? who thought it where jokes of what matter to me.
of depression in voices, in hidden
personalities, i rolled old cigarette butts into new cigarettes, with ash
stained finger tips, drank used instant coffee from old water in the kettle,
for days, on the stove, with paranoid calming, thoughts of the enamel seeping
into the steaming water, pouring it into

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