Time İs Coming.

When You Come And Go...

If you have someone to love love
Don't break as much heart as you can
Do something in the world
Don't just live in vain.

Learn, read a lot of books
But that way
I mean, here's what I mean.
Don't let him read you, you read him.

I think it's the little things zoom
Without understanding the word, hearing evil
See if it's worth the world
Don't make me call you Human, don't make me call you ignorant.

If you respect nature
Nature loves you and feeds you
Keep your Sea, your Sky, your place
They are you, you are them, if you know.

Mother, father, wife, friend, animal
Every living thing, every living thing
May your respect always be eternal
Your face is always smooth and gentle.

That you need to know
Be on the side of the problem or the solution
Life is really cruel
Be merciful to everything.

What we know where we came from
Nor where to go
We barely lived, we live
We don't know what to do sometimes.

Don't forget that everything, everyone comes and goes
Cry if you have to cry
If you have to laugh, laugh
Never keep anything in it.

sometimes you'll rebel
Rotten mentality, corrupt order
When you realize it's all a game
You'll laugh it all off.

Never think of yourself as great
We're smaller than ants
We are dust, water, sun
We'll go to the Earth, the water, the sun.

Don't hold a grudge, don't hate
Watch the flowers at times like this
Don't ask for big things, don't wait
Live mature and proper, always in taste.

What are you worth more than others?
Nor are you worth less
At our core, right?
Our blood is not the same?

Blood flows from the animal
Blood flows from Man
Every creature rejoices
Every living thing gets upset.

Shape, shape, size, sound,
What difference does the world make to all of us?
Language, color, creed,
What's the difference we are mortal.

Everything must be measured
Love, attitude, anger
Everything must be with reason
Work, power, promise, love.

There is no country yet
At the same time, also the largest-
If you want to taste torture
Try loving someone for nothing.

Don't tell anyone about your personal life
Who, how much you love
Who, how much you don't love
Don't tell anyone about your personal life.

Keep a secret, be loyal
Know to live with honor, reason and conscience
Be brave, keep your heart clean
Be on the side of the right, the wrong, the wrong, not the curve.

Look, man, this world is water, river, ocean.
Look, man, this world is a bottomless pit.
Know the value of today
One day we're here, one day we're completely gone.

You don't hurt the one who loves you
Don't make such a mistake.
Kadir precious bil, gönül kur
Make a hundred roses, warm the heart, rejoice the soul.

One day you'll lose everything
One day you'll lose everyone
Are they there today?
Okay, follow my lead.

Time goes by with its pain and sweetness
There are some things we can't do.
Time goes by with its pain and sweetness
Do your best, man.

When you come and go...

Topic(s) of this poem: time

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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