Robert Edgar Burns

Rookie - 1 Points (02/14/1953 / Dunedin, Florida)

Time Traveler’s Adventures #5 - Poem by Robert Edgar Burns

(A Faith Based Series)

Improvements have been made now in the camshaft and the gears.
The motor mounts updated, now it’s easier to steer.
Grease has flooded all brass grommets and all cables are secure.
My time machine is ready now but for where I am not sure!

My gauges are all digital but they’re really just for show.
The contraption has it’s own mind and it goes where it will go.
So buckle up your seat belt, if you want to come along.
And bring along an I-tunes if you need to hear some songs.

You slide down in the sidecar of my fabulous used machine.
What is it that you meant when you called my contraption “Mean! ”
I’ll give you this great honor, as my guest, you turn the key.
Put the shield down on your helmet to protect your eyes sir, please!

My guest yells “Hi Ho Silver” as The Lone Ranger often did.
“On No” thought I quite quickly, “this guy’s acting like a Kid! ”
I guess I can allow his excitement, for at first I yelled “Ye-Haw! ”
So it will all change later, when he sees the things I saw!

The Time Machine now sputters, bright lights shoot everywhere.
Two blinks of eyes was all it took to get to our destination there!
We stayed put for just moment, just to get our bearings now.
And then we saw two giant beasts, with glowing eyes and brows.

Two T-Rex Dinosaurs were watching us like we were food.
When they started to move closer, we sensed this was not good.
We ran on toward a forest for the cover of large trees.
When we arrived and tried to hide we heard a giant sneeze.

We looked up high and saw, a Brontosaurus standing there!
Those trees were knees and moving slow, not going anywhere!
The T-Rex tried to pick us up, with giant sharpened teeth.
The Brontosaurus gave us cover, To T-Rex it was too much grief!

Since we saw no sign of man, we decided to skedaddle.
All we brought to aid us were, two oars to use as paddles.
A screeching from behind us left us calling for our mother!
A flying Pterodactyl and our legs began to shudder!

He Looked at me, I looked at him, this story’s end could be too grim!
Lord, If I die before I wake, don’t let our bodies become their steaks!
We turned the key on our machine, and did it fast for we saw green!
As teeth were ready to come closing down, we’re on the way, we hope toward home!

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