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Best Poem of Robert Edgar Burns

The Cycle Of Life

When articulating of semantics,
Speak of the Law Of Thermodynamics.
Creation past has been completed.
It is finished should be repeated.

Neither matter nor energy can,
Be created or destroyed by man.
Every ordered system with advent of time
Will become depleted even the sun’s shine.

The wind flows toward the south
And returns north as it comes about!
Air currents circle around the earth,
In a rotating cycle that is rehearsed.

All rivers run right into the sea
But the ocean’s aren’t full in this circuitry.
They give it up to the clouds ...

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My Heart's Pilot!

You are the sail from masts unfurled,
That forward moves my bow.
You are the Captain of my ship,
Who points me where and how.

You are my pilot ably strong,
Who stands firm at the wheel.
I will not question where you lead,
For it’s you who rights my keel.