Timid Indulgence Poem by Jai K Garg

Timid Indulgence

Watching night's silvery moon light
Cuddled against love's warmth and softness
I smile to our kiss in passion
Clinging to body raptures;

Bite her cheeks with my lips and teeth
As she remains held in my arms
Surrenders her total desire
To my firm acquiesce and resolve;

Sharp blue eyes widen with longing
Captured in naked body quivers
A sigh escapes her dry lips
Yearning for total seduction;

Fingers touch to flow with curves
Leaving love marks strewn all over
Our chest in her wild violent burst
As I titter betwixt love deeds;

Unhooked bra loose pants to unzip
We strip to undo the soft flings
Nuzzle each other with coaxed pleasure
Navel delights in tongue lash throbs

Touched by the estrus of vigor
Willing it to drown and plunder
The depth of her true consciousness
We enjoy our wild ecstasy.

Confronted by the parted limbs and moulds
I delve to attack the recluse
Guarding the twin walls of heaven
To deliver sweetened nectar;

Roll to play rub her wilderness
Re courting fresh ferocious sway
Estranged between the beaten track
As her gentle wetness overflows;

In my quick slippery snugness
Stretching her with initiation
Lady heaves like the ocean wave
Drenching me with her fluid volley;

Jointly execute each action
Regaining battle desperation
Titillate to mock the other
In lusty capitulation?

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