Poetic Hysteria Poem by Jai K Garg

Poetic Hysteria

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How could you hold Eve's tail like a toy?
Play with her rattle snake charming strikes,
And live to tell your fine doctored' tale,
Hippo squibs’ performance and a male:

Following the three monkey doctrine?
Prankster bachelor flouts marriage vows,
Disagree to agree he sees exposed cars,
But never feline passing beauties:

Rejoinder, thesis, woman grazer;
Keats perfect beauty in poetic rhyme:
Mouth’s his thumb in damage control sucks,
Wet nursed curses forces diaper mucks.

Stop marriage or divorce should he decree?
No apple for Adam will the Eve's agree?

nature 360 15 January 2010

In ISC we had a book “Rhyme and Reason”. Our English teacher read out the short poem and asked us to explain. I try to put the few words from that poem below: - “If you don’t like my apples, Don’t shake the tree, I am not after your boyfriend, He is after me.” At the time we were hardly concerned with apples so kept shut. Today I can certainly say they were not grapes; neither guava (Indian Fruit) . Lol Wonder if Eve was programmed to get her apple tree shaken only then, in the classic evolution; or in today’s revolution or both? It is said “The devil of a snake” was shaking the apple tree for Adams temptation. Which apple tree was the snake really shaking? Today jealous men will want to know Eves side of the theory.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 January 2010

A satire as I understand…well Apple [would have been grapes or guava LOL! ] is the just the inevitable incidental catalyst in the course of Evolution…and Eve was pre programmed but to accept… Thanks for sharing… 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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