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Limitless! as it plays in its macro structure;
On the nano level, breaking new theories?
Is the big Bang a deception of infinite design?
Reality, an illusions of consciousness; to our existence.

Domination charged with passion
Words to subdue he strikes deep
Again and again breathlessly vain
Enchanted crazy. she cries for more,

The sea in turmoil lets the billows crash,
As the moon watches playful high tides,
Plunge to bathe the lone barren rocky beach;
Kindle a stormy froth and fuming backlash.

Shades of color bind us in the guilty pleasure,
Entwined memories of past our deceitful treasure,
Reflect within the golden hue in muted red measure;
Savour the divine joy without hate or displeasure:

How could you hold Eve's tail like a toy?
Play with her rattle snake charming strikes,
And live to tell your fine doctored' tale,
Hippo squibs’ performance and a male:

Let me use up the free bytes to your illusion
Tender sweet the essence in profane cordiality
A soft touch here a push there and things seem to be done
Like roasted turkey playing in the bedroom fidelity;

Each limb plays to the dynamics of motion
in static vibration the virgin flower
awaits cravings within the tattoo touches
and surrenders to her animal instincts.

Cherries with the wine,
Silky red curves to dine,
Floating with the ice,
Looms my tongue to charms and dice;

Understand tomorrow within plenty,
Winter darkness started in its solitude,
Beats drum stick's forbidden intensity,
To sleeping generation elsewhere;

The droplets came pouring down one after another,
Smaller ones like scurrying rats followed by lewd cats,
Till the misty haze and winds forced us in the cabin,
In routine captain had asked us to wear life jackets.

A hush of silence settles down,
Broken by the soft gurgling waters,
Mellowed by the yogi's muted chants,
Without a soul to hinder his prayer;

Why would I say wow to a woman?
If she had no bulging boobs to show
No figure I could look to with lust
Legs that couldn't add fire to the curves;

An ache, some hurt with longing to yearn
Cauldron left to simmer with passion
Bubbles in the fire ball of desire
Closely watch topless metaphors;


Eyes with raging tears,
Full and you wish me to smile;

Life dull with sorrows,

Just for me and I click into dream land
Free from well defined space to find true love
Spin from one reality to another
Wide eyed in grins to simper at blue eyes;

A sweet fire tends to stroke love between us
Fragile touch plays to caress each silk curve
Trace’s wild desire in finger foreplay
As you join in the motley seduction

Let me hold you stretched with the tussle of your hair
Over me by my itchy palms in your drive
Move you to align each mated rhyme to your gait
In snug jolts to quicken strides with each spur

Between layers of chiseled stone lies a message,
Come see, look and watch me as your tomorrow,
Thirsty for eternal pleasure you will seek
And discover the path's of erotica.


Can I conjure a real woman of my choice?
From the black thirsty dark clouds to melt and rain
In her flow and my whim's incredulity
Playing each tarot figure to my divine will

Watching night's silvery moon light
Cuddled against love's warmth and softness
I smile to our kiss in passion
Clinging to body raptures;

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The Universe

Limitless! as it plays in its macro structure;
On the nano level, breaking new theories?
Is the big Bang a deception of infinite design?
Reality, an illusions of consciousness; to our existence.

Incursion; our unending process to define the divine?
What of the God particles from a collision course?
Reinvent bench-marks to our formulae formations?
Would the constants hold, with the ground breaking rules?

It is the beauty of nature and the infinite will;
That aid concepts and create illusions in our being!

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your Dragon poems ignite inspiration 'may the dragon Spirit Be with you always' Nicholas Spandrel

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Janae Height 18 December 2008


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