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! ! Tiny Fingers

Rating: 3.7

Tiny Fingers

Tiny fingers
pat the window
and squeal at the dog
wagging on the other side.

Tiny fingers
tease the gap
between door and jamb

and sneak them apart.
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Nimal Dunuhinga 16 October 2009

Adorable tiny fingers strum the reader's heart-strings. And it's not a miracle as it sounds 'Cassidysm'!

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Patrick A. Martin 16 October 2009

Just to sit a watch tiny fingers discovering their new world is an act of love not to mention a sheer delight. I love this piece Allie. Love Paddy------10

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Elysabeth Faslund 14 October 2009

Always, always, you write the pin-point, to-the-point images of love. There is NO other way to read this...it is you, your heart, and tiny fingers you so adore.xxxxxxElys Long time away, Alison...I'm back.

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David Harris 14 October 2009

Allie, and tiny fingers leave a heart-print on your heart. Again you have spellbound us with your intricate details. The joys of your bonny grandson growing up and exploring the world. Top marks and thanks for sharing this lovely gem. Hugs David

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I love every bit of this poem. 'squeal the dog' is magic and when I got to this stanza I was utterly and completely hooked! 'tiny fingers press pea and pumpkin into orange-green and decorate the dish'. Of course the last stanza is sheer delight as well. Why do we go all gooey when we read poems like this? Because we do want to matter just as you have said so well! 10 love Karin

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T McH 27 October 2009

You know that you already had me vicariously adoring your wee grandson and here your own utter unconditional love, joy at every movement and pride leap from the page. It's gorgeous - as are you, and incidentally I haven't spotted a single wrinkle on your face. So there. :) t x

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 25 October 2009

Tiny fingers spreading love and joy everywhere. Beautiful poem, Alison. Regards Naseer

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Andrew Blakemore 21 October 2009

I loved this Alison, a perfect description of a child's inquisitive fingers. Love, Andrew xx

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Indira Babbellapati 20 October 2009

how old are the tiny fingers, now? i felt them all over...

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Sonya Florentino 20 October 2009

You and your grandson are simply adorable… His tiny fingers have tickled us all….grandma’s words have touched our soul….!

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