Since Hanna Moved Away Poem by Judith Viorst

Since Hanna Moved Away

Rating: 4.4

The tires on my bike are flat.
The sky is grouchy gray.
At least it sure feels like that
Since Hanna moved away.

Chocolate ice cream tastes like prunes.
December's come to stay.
They've taken back the Mays and Junes
Since Hanna moved away.

Flowers smell like halibut.
Velvet feels like hay.
Every handsome dog's a mutt
Since Hanna moved away.

Nothing's fun to laugh about.
Nothing's fun to play.
They call me, but I won't come out
Since Hanna moved away.

Susan Williams 15 November 2015

Sometimes a poem is lit up from the inside out by a verse or two. For me in this piece it was The sky is grouchy gray. It caught the age of the narrator and it caught the mood perfectly.

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Hannah Benson 25 June 2009

my name is hannah and if some one wrote a poem like this because i moved i would be touched haha who ever hannah is would love this and is very lucky

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Souren Mondal 16 November 2015


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Gail Cannon 27 October 2009

Since Hannah moved away has touched me remembering a friend say last week all my friends left. (military child) I will e-mail this to him, to help him smile. This poem is real and funny, I reallly enjoy her work and style.

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Beverly Cronkhite 22 February 2008

I love this poem! We are sending it to our beloved Pastor Dave as he has left us to become a chaplain in the army. 'Since Dave moved away' doesn't flow quite as nicely as Hannah does, but the feelings are the same! I think Judith Viorst has a wonderful and funny way of capturing the ups and downs of life!

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Richard Wlodarski 30 May 2022

Great poem. Reminds me of so many melancholic songs!

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Nabakishore Dash 24 May 2022

Excellent poem indicating pangs of separation.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 24 May 2022

Heart Touching Poem being chosen again as The Modern Poem Of The Day. Very Beautiful.5 Stars full score!

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Jayne Louise Davies 24 May 2022

Well done on POD. Well deserved. Loved it.

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Chinedu Dike 24 May 2022

Very heartfelt with strong emotion. A piece of great elegance.

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