Tiny,The Christmas Angel

Rating: 3.5

Come gather around me my children dear,
For there is a story I want you to hear.
It's all about God who is near and afar,
Who made an Angel into a star.
A long time ago in the heavens above
There were many angels all full of love.
All angels have beautiful long, wavy hair
And wings that carry them through the air.
When combing and brushing their hair and wings
Their halos stood out like bright golden rings.
The honor to be with the King of all men
Would soon be chosen from one of them.
The tiniest angel, the smallest of all
Kept praying that God would give Tiny the call.
The good Lord listened and heard Tiny's plea
And called to the little one, "Come here to me."
The little one flew very fast through the sky
As teardrops streamed out of Tiny's eyes.
The trail Tiny left was very clear
That the Wise Men knew they had nothing to fear.
It was then Tiny knew, Tiny's prayers had come true.
Tiny was the star and the light that shone so bright
When Jesus was born
On that first Christmas night.
So you see, dear children
God is not very far
By praying to him
You too could be a star.