To All Contemporary Choppers

Rating: 5.0

No more inside those walls you stay
To pass your time in sleep
Come down from where you waste all day
To gather glee in heap

Awake from dreams and drowsiness
That all your prose bestow
Come down with hope and happiness
I have a heaven to show


Don’t run in first a fifty mile
In second or two feet
And words of you let hearts beguile
By constant fall and beat

O sing like ding dong bells my men
As done by Tennyson
And enter not in Eliot’s den
Where darkness is the fun

So sweet a world, so sweet a world
This singing world you know
Come down with hope that gleam as gold
I have a heaven to show


O leave your worthless verse and come
As sun from murky skies
And lighten stars by what you hum
A moon no soon will rise

O come and cast new seeds of verse
Those bear but only bliss
Though seeds you sow are tender tears
When versed you feel a kiss

No longer so you stay in dearth
Here golden crops do grow
Come down to dine and dwell in mirth
I have a heaven to show


No more so slice a petty prose
To call it but a poem
A prose is prose (as rose is rose)
And ne’er can be a poem

No more in darkness so you stay
To chop a world of woe
Come down to lead a life in gay
I have a heaven to show.

Kesav Easwaran 02 May 2008

a poem very much mature! you have good talent, jayan! keep posting poems.

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Asma Bahrainwala 18 September 2006

a beautiful poem! ! has a very pleasant rhythm... nice write... regards.. asma...

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