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An Engineer by qualification and by profession, now a poet, thinker and philosopher, Kesav Venkat Easwaran writes poetry mostly online for his own enjoyment and satisfaction. He invites you to share the romantic imagery, his insight and philosophy in his poems

Kesav Venkat Easwaran Poems

A Flower In Disguise…

Filling the air around sublime a fragrance strikes!
Alluring sweet and soft, this soothing smell arrives
My sense rears to find from where this feel derives
But fails to place the source; who sends this scent divine?

A Captive Me…

This night
Beauteous and bright,
Beauteous by the cool breeze
It brings in nice,

Wisdom Words...

Each night before to bed, prayer to God she says:
Protect my children from troubles likely to face...

One night I said to her: they are no more infants

Making Love...

Falling over Rock
on course
and rolling over

A Lesson To Learn...

Moody miserable looking day
The sun preferring to remain
Hide since the first ray;
Sky black-faced morose

Kesav Venkat Easwaran Quotes

27 January 2019

Obey wife, enjoy life

25 December 2019

Walk never watching others' feet

09 January 2020

What makes women beautiful is not their bodies, their body movements rather

13 January 2020

Life is a war and Death is peace

21 January 2020

Absurdity is the extra edge of Theatrics Paintings and Poetry

Kesav Venkat Easwaran Comments

Miriam Maia Padua 25 October 2011

Sir Kesav, hope to read your new poems soon as we miss reading your lines... a generous poet, willing to let us learn thru advices.... and he never fails us to be drawn to his thoughts put into poetry..its depth...mind-working poems... Thanks a lot, sir...

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Eyan Desir 25 November 2009

A fine talent A pleasure to read your work

2 0 Reply
Ejaz Khan 25 October 2009

A poet of high calibre, down to earth and yet poignant and full of wisdom, writes from core of his heart and spreads his inner shine, keep shining, Kesav, love your poetry!

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 June 2009

Easwaran sir is a humble great poet indeed! ! ! .. i still remember the first day i mailed him.. well i made a mistake, address him as ma'am.. happens all the time.. anyway now i v read many of his great pieces... and i think every should read his poem on '10+++'.... And his writing is great too.. My favorite one of his is the poem about T20 s though.. that s as entertaining as IPL 2009.. and there are many poems i liked about him! ! ! ... and i think he has done a great job in translating Mega Dhootham in to English..very versatile in his writing too//... i all the best with love shashendra

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Sandra Martyres 10 April 2009

You are a great poet indeed Kesav and a sensitive one as well....I am a real admirer of your work.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 October 2020

Kesav Venkat Easwaran is a very nice poet and writes very beautiful poems. I know him from many years. Readers love him very much. He sprinkles fragrance of love through his poems.

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Indira Renganathan 02 February 2020

A remarkable distinguished poet Kesav Venkateaswaran can attract any one by his distinct and eminent style of poetry.All his poems are enjoyable and make us eagerly look for what he is going to post next. What magic it is I don't know but certainly he has a magical writing skill.I wish him all the best for a still more glorious poetry-future.My prayers and wishes to him and his family for a long prosperous and happy life

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aryaindia 11 May 2019

Beautiful writes Keshav. Beyond time and space

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Parviz Arshad 22 December 2017

I would like to receive Mr Easwaran's e-mail in order to contact him directly

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Elena Sandu 03 December 2013

Always loved Kesav's poems, quite deep and very wise, small diamonds are being hidden between the lines.

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